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Have $115,000,000 to spend on an NFL payroll or $100,000,000 to spend on an MLB payroll?

Links to support the conversation:

This one for football and this one for baseball from Yummy Math

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  1. Brig

    My son brought this home from school with zero explanation of what to do. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Is this inspired by common core? Sure seems like it.

    1. stevens009 (Post author)


      The prompt is meant to get student thinking about which scenario they would rather have and, more importantly, why. Ideally, your son would have determined what it costs to field an average team for both sports and, based on this data, chosen either the football or baseball team. Maybe he likes sports, maybe he doesn’t.

      Regarding the “Common Core” question, no. I started this site because I wanted my students to use math as a platform of debate. This was inspired by me wanting my students to have meaningful conversations around math.

  2. Treat

    An NFL roster consists of 53 players, thus giving you the ability to pay each player a little under $2.2/year if split evenly. In MLB there is an active roster of 25 players and an expanded roster of 40, thus giving you the ability to pay them $4 mil or $2.5 mil, respectively. Guess it all depends on what you want. I’d assume you could use the money to get more “superstars” if you are looking at an MLB active roster.


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