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Would You Rather…

Pounds of coins



40 POUNDS OF QUARTERS? (h/t @approx_normal for this one)

Whichever option students choose, be sure to justify the reasoning with mathematics.

Data from the US Mint might help.

After students finish, have them contemplate what they’re going to do with all that coin!

This is based on a true story. It might also be fun to do some fact-checking and hypothesize why the numbers are different

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather...

Earn a dollar for every foot in 1 mile OR earn a dollar for every day you’ve been alive?

BONUS: How old do you have to be before it is more beneficial to take the money based on days alive? Change the miles to challenge the audience.


Whichever answer you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather...

Have 1 of 8 slices from a 10″ pizza OR 1 of 10 slices from a 14″ pizza?

Whichever option you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics.

For a really cool Geogebra extension, check this out:


Here’s one with scaffolding:


Thank you @mathbutler for that!  If you aren’t following his blog, do so now: