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Would You Rather…

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Shake Mix A for $23


Shake Mix B for $110?

Whichever answer you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics.

To extend this conversation, it would be fun to ask the students follow-up questions:

What other information would you like to know about Shake A and/or Shake B?

How would that information influence your decision?

Links to the shake labels:

Shake Mix A

Shake Mix B

There are plenty of examples of protein shake labels on the Internet.  I would be encouraged to make this a part of a lesson that analyzes nutrition labels, regardless of whether or not my students were drinking protein shakes.  There is a HUGE market for them and students certainly know someone who is enamored with shakes for one reason or another.

Would You Rather…

Watermelon (1)


Buy pre-cut watermelon (no rind) at $2.67 per pound


Buy a whole watermelon at $0.26 per pound?

Whichever answer you choose, please justify your reasoning with mathematics.

For a look at the high cost of cut fruit, go here.

Did you know there’s a watermelon promotion board? Yep!

h/t @mrvaudrey & @approx_normal for bringing this up in conversation!

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather...

Earn a dollar for every foot in 1 mile OR earn a dollar for every day you’ve been alive?

BONUS: How old do you have to be before it is more beneficial to take the money based on days alive? Change the miles to challenge the audience.


Whichever answer you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics