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Would You Rather…

bath towels vs soap

Be required to carry 30 bath towels OR 80 bars of soap? The distance or duration is up to you, but come up with a standard for the class. Also, some Google searches may be necessary to make your decision.

Whichever option you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics. Maybe you can stack bars of soap in an array that’s easy to carry. Maybe you can load up on bath towels.

How much does a bath towel weigh (on average)?

How much does a bar of soap weigh (on average)?

This would also be a fun experiment to do in class with bath towels and bars of soap.

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather...

Have a 30 acre crop planted with seeds that carry a 58% survival rate OR have a 50 acre crop planted with seeds that carry a 42% survival rate?

For different levels of students (as well as students in different geographical regions), the given information may vary. This is purely a hypothetical example to get students thinking about advantages and disadvantages. I’m all for editing this to make it more authentic.