Would You Rather…

Pay $0.24 for each banana OR Pay $1.99 per pound of bananas?

Whichever option you choose, justify your decision with mathematics.

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  1. mrdardy

    Love it but I wonder how much real-world knowledge of the size of a bunch of bananas comes into play here.

    1. @jstevens009

      Good point. Would it help if I had another bunch on a scale for comparison?

  2. Tami Llewellyn (@shouldbequiltin)

    S’s “I want one banana because I won’t eat the others and they will go to waste.” “I need to know how many bananas are in a pound.” “I would buy the pound of bananas because buying one normally costs more.” Wow thanks for making my students think.

  3. @jstevens009

    You’re welcome! Did you throw in the twist of “you can break off a banana to make it a bunch that you would actually eat before they go bad”? That’s a funny twist that I didn’t expect.

  4. Matt Vaudrey

    Happy Birthday! says Ramiro.
    Lorraine pointed out that it’s about 6 bananas to a pound, so it’s worth it to buy them individually.
    Jesus noted that two bananas for $0.48 is a better deal than two bananas for $1.99 (which is a pound).
    Armando pointed out that it’s better to get the cheap ones because you could get about 8 if you buy them individually.

  5. Maria Selke (@mselke01)

    I presented the problem to my students “as is” so that THEY could come up with the additional information they would need. They realized they needed to know how much a banana weighs, and how many bananas are in a pound. Today we will be weighing an assortment of bananas and averaging their weights so that they can make their determination. I like having open questions where NOT all the information is included. That’s real world problem solving!

    1. @jstevens009

      This is incredible. Please share about the conversations that happen after!


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