Would You Rather…

Would You Rather...

Lease a $19,000 vehicle with a $2,000 down payment OR buy a $19,000 vehicle with $0 down payment.

*** Disclaimer: the car featured in the picture is NOT for sale! ***

Some links that may be helpful:

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  1. Monteleone, Tina

    Just to refresh your memory…this is the site I was speaking about. I am sure that I have sent it to you in the past.

    *Tina Monteleone* *Instructional/Technology Support* *Teacher: Special Ed, **Basic Skills * *My Blog * *Twitter * *About Me *

    Ridgedale Middle School 71 Ridgedale Avenue Florham Park, NJ 07932 973-822-3855 Ext: 2205

  2. dormanmath

    I love the linking of websites. Questions I would have
    1) How many miles do you drive (I found this: I’m looking in here: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policy/2010cpr/chap1.htm )

    2) Depending on the grade level when you show them that $380 per month for 60 months is more than $19,000, some of them will start saying “hey wait a minute…”

    1. @jstevens009

      Thank you for the feedback. It would be awesome to get to hear the conversations that happen with this one. I know that, as an adult, it’s a tough decision for many of us.


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