Would You Rather…

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Shake Mix A for $23


Shake Mix B for $110?

Whichever answer you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics.

To extend this conversation, it would be fun to ask the students follow-up questions:

What other information would you like to know about Shake A and/or Shake B?

How would that information influence your decision?

Links to the shake labels:

Shake Mix A

Shake Mix B

There are plenty of examples of protein shake labels on the Internet.  I would be encouraged to make this a part of a lesson that analyzes nutrition labels, regardless of whether or not my students were drinking protein shakes.  There is a HUGE market for them and students certainly know someone who is enamored with shakes for one reason or another.

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  1. brian taylor

    shake mix b because it is more servings for your $. It is also more calories, protein, and grams of mix per serving.

  2. lola

    shake mix b because it gives more calories thats why its so expensive


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