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WYR - Lightbulbs (1)

Buy a fancy 5-year eco-lightbulb for $9.79?

Or pay 70 cents per lightbulb, but replace them every 5 months?

h/t @mrvaudrey

Whichever answer you choose, please justify your reasoning using mathematics.

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  1. MC

    And …. CFL bulb uses 24 watts, regular bulb uses 100W
    Cost of electricity is $0.13 per kilowatt-hour.

    watts/1000 = kilowatts.
    kilowatts * hours on = kilowatt-hours

    So 100 watt bulb left on for 12 hours per day would be 1.2 kWh which would cost $1.56

  2. hannah

    i would prefer regular bulbs over the eco bulb because its a dollar cheaper for each 5 years


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