Would You Rather…

Would You Rather...

Carry a bucket with 5.62 liters of water OR 1.85 gallons of water?

Whichever answer you choose, please justify your selection.

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  1. Andrew Stadel

    John, this is fun stuff!
    There are many conversations that could potentially come out of this scenario. I also like how you encourage students to justify their selection. For example, one student might want to carry less weight, so they want to choose the one with less water. However, one student might want more water because they’re thirsty or need to water as many plants as possible so they need to choose the one with more water. There’s some fun subjectivity built in here.
    Furthermore, practice with unit measurements is an important part of building student number sense. I think it’d be fun to eventually challenge students with finding equivalent amounts or finding an easy way to remember the conversion rate between liters and gallons.
    I look forward to seeing more!


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