Would You Rather…

Phone Plans

Choose Option A, Option B, Option C, Option D, OR Option E when purchasing a new phone? Whichever option you choose, please justify your reason using mathematics. 

For the sake of this exercise, assume that this pricing model is for the wireless provider of your choice.

Screenshot from att.com cell phone purchasing options, September 13th, 2015.

Comments (9)

  1. Sam

    Option C, because it is a better deal from the other options because you will save money per month and the installments have a good amount (28).

  2. Sam Miller, Anastasia Gabriel

    We believe option C is the best because it is the cheapest on out of the five other options that were given.

  3. Kelly T. & Madison S.

    Option C because you will save more money because it is cheaper.

  4. Noah Cruz

    Option C because you would be paying less over time.

  5. Joelle H

    I believe option C would be optimal. The payments are low and there is no initial fee along with device trade in after 12 months.

  6. Katherine Almy

    Option D because it has more installments then option c even though it is the same price in the long run and also you can pay less for month if you pay 225 upfront

  7. Kylie P

    Option C because it is cheaper over time

  8. jena b

    Option C because you’re paying less

  9. Gabriel A.

    Option D, you initially pay 30% of the total cost which is $225, this will then lower the rate to $18.75 for 28 installments. After 12 months, you receive the phone. This is better because you receive the phone at an earlier time, and pay less per installment.


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