Would You Rather…

Reese's WYR

Would You Rather buy the candy on the left or the candy on the right? Whichever option you choose, justify your reasoning with mathematics.

This one has a ton of potential for rich discussion, so I would love to hear what you and your students come up with!

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  1. TH

    I’m not sure how this one is a Would you Rather? They appear to be the same size of Reese’s, Snack Size. The left side is clearly the better option unless you didn’t have $7, in which case you probably don’t have enough to waste on candy.

    1. Tai

      I agree, I love this website and used this question with a class. I did look up the OZ for the smaller pack and it’s 4.4 oz per package. The package on the right is 10.5 oz per package.

  2. Cate

    My kid were wondering what the weight of the bag on the right was. They felt that they couldn’t make an informed decision without it. Also, does snack size mean that the left bag are miniature peanut butter cups? Or are they normal sized?

  3. Karen Oliver

    My students loved this and we had to zoom in to discover the weights and googled the weight of the package on the right. The students also wanted to consider the weight of the packaging so we decided the weight was just the food product! They all decided the package on the left.


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