WYR Sample Sheet

Created by Andrew Stadel, this is a great sheet to accompany the work that students do with Would You Rather…? tasks.  Feel free to use, but please share if you make any modifications!Would You Rather (1)

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  1. Stacey Collins

    Fantastic Love this idea! I can adapt questions for younger children (grade 2/3) easily!

    Thanks again,
    Going to purchase your book now.

  2. Nicole Styers

    Love it!! In science, many teachers use a CER Statement. Claim, Evidence, Reason. This would be a great format to do these as well. And it helps support ELA and helping students support their claims and inferences about a story with evidence.

    Awesome connections across subjects!!

  3. Sara Edwards

    I love this idea! I took the Hit or Stay one and turned it into a Google Form so we can look at everyone’s response and reasoning. This way everyone gets a voice and hopefully start a discussion by giving shy students more confidence.

    1. stevens009 (Post author)

      Whoa! Can you share this with me?! Stevens009@gmail.com

    2. stevens009 (Post author)

      Outstanding! Would you share that with me so I can post it for others?


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